Hey guys, Zio here! I decided I needed a new sideblog to keep up with all of my Pokemon OCs and gijinkas, so here we are! I'm going to keep tags in order to keep things organized, so check the Tags page to start exploring!

All art on this blog is done by me unless stated otherwise!

Currently Trainers on a journey

Vivian (Vivillon)

Name: Vivian “Vivi”

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Pokemon: Vivillon

Vivian, despite her initial appearance, has a rough streak going on. She’s the sort of no-nonsense type of girl and gets annoyed very easily. Vasilik and Demu tend to test her nerves the most. Every time Demu does something stupid, she just looks at Kaito and says “I can’t believe you’re dating him.” Vivi is very snarky, rude, and sarcastic 97% of the time. If she says something to offend you, she doesn’t mean it. …Maybe.

Shin (Cubchoo)

Name: Shin

Gender: Male

Age: 9

Pokemon: Cubchoo

Shin is the literally baby of the family. He tends to stick to his older sister, Shishiro, often just tagging behind her and attaching himself to her leg. He doesn’t talk a lot, and he’s not really a troublesome child. Autumn is actually really appreciative of this, and that’s something to be proud of. He carries a blanket with him everywhere. It’s literally his security blanket.

all of this art is kind of old but whatever

i’ll probably do better references later

Kenta (Emolga) and Terra (Excadrill)

Name: Kenta

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Pokemon: Emolga

Kenta is a shota. Shota. ..Shota. He likes to pick fights because he’s really intimidated by others (mainly because of his height). When he’s cornered, he tends to fly off to a random area where no one will find him and just kind of cry by himself. Sachi and Kairi are more like his annoying protective older sisters. He generally rolls with Chie, even though she’s like, two years older than him and towers him completely. Don’t ask, he’s like, 4’9”. Also, according to some eye witnesses, he seems to have a bit (and we use the term ‘bit’ lightly) of a crush on his best friend Velle.

Name: Terra

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Pokemon: Excadrill

Terra is a regular country bumpkin. She’s a super sweetheart though, according to other members of the team. She plants flowers everywhere, and we mean everywhere. People tend to be wary of the claws on her gloves, but she only ever attacks when people she loves are in danger. She also likes to dig holes. Holes are fun.

Sapphire (Eelektross) and Chie (Sewaddle)


Name: Sapphire “Sapphy”

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Pokemon: Eelektross

Sapphy is a selective mute and insults people with signs. Everyone thinks she’s a ninja for some odd reason so she just goes along with it. She sees Kaito as a brother or sorts, and will often go to him for advice. A Jirachi named Andromeda (owned by my friend Kessie) is her beloved girlfriend whom she’d do anything for.

Name: Chie

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Pokemon: Sewaddle (though, now Leavanny)

She loves fights and flowers and Circa (my Serperior in the scrapped nuzlocke she’s from) is pretty much her permanent sparing partner. Oh, and she loves accessories. She’s feisty as all fuck and won’t hesitate to kick your ass if you provoke her. Chie is the little sister of my Black version’s Leavanny, Lorelei. That’s actually probably where she got her rough streak from.

You can probably tell she was based on Chie Satonaka from Persona 4.